@PlantsOnPink is an online gallery where the world’s finest plants on pink are exhibited. Everybody can join in by sending their photos. It’s an empowering platform where people get a chance to be featured; a global community where everyone is on the hunt to capture all those amazing images from around the world. 

"PlantsOnPink has been a refreshing find not only because it isolates nature in an online medium but because on some level it allows us to start taking notice of the beauty that surrounds us offline'' Jen Curcio - Decisive Cravings.

 ''Lotte van Baalen is one of the people that keeps creativity alive by bringing beauty and art to the screen.'' Arda Asena - Trendland

''Intelligently designed, aesthetically rich & international in scope (...) this is likely what makes Dutch artist Lotte van Baalen's project PlantsOnPink so popular amongst its followers.'' Jess Conatser - NeueHouse

''PlantsOnPink is nothing short of awe-inspiring and sparks an interest in the aesthetic value that plants hold in our world, creating a surrealistic reality. '' Mongezi Mcelu - via email

''Be a part of something great: a global creative and curatorial community.''    Sanri Pienaar - ELLE Deco South Africa

''Lotte van Baalen - the founder of @PlantsOnPink, which is arguably the most modern form of artistic curation - an Instagram page.'' Megan Blackburn - Ballad Of ...Magazine

@PlantsOnPink has collaborated with:

- Instagram (USA)

- Pantone (USA)

- NYCxDesign (USA)

- Wanted Design NY (USA)

- Barneys (USA)

- Desenio (USA)

- PlantSnap (USA)

- Bloemenbureau Holland (NL)

- Vogue (AUS)

- Frank Body (AUS)

- ELLE Decoration (SA)

- Grazia (NL)

- VT Wonen (NL)

- Algemeen Dagblad (NL)

- Metro (NL)

- Intratuin (NL)

- Just Diggit (NL)

-Sprinklr (NL)

and many more.

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